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Come and enjoy Pecan Groves Christmas Lights


Come and enjoy Pecan Grove Christmas Lights!


RIDES: Rides are 45 minutes long. We are not responsible for traffic. We leave at the top of each hour. RULES: Do not hang anything past the trailers. Do not yell and scream at the neighbors. Do not jump off the trailer during the hayride. Adults are responsible for their own group, children and elderly. Do not throw anything off the trailer. Drivers have every right to kick off anyone misbehaving during the ride. You will be responsible for returning to the drop off location on your own. ARRIVAL: Show up 15 minutes prior to your reserved time. Rides leave at the top of each hour. LOCATION: 1890 FM 359 77406 (Randall’s Parking lot) We are against the tree line in between Valero Gas Station and Sonic, in front of Randall’s. CANCELLATIONS: To receive a full refund, you must cancel 48 hours before your reserved time. If you cancel 47-24 hours before your reservations, you will receive 50% of your purchase. Canceling the day of your reservation, you will receive 25% of your purchase. You will receive a full refund if it rains. In the past, we have continued the rides during slight mist and cold weather. Be sure to contact us before your reserved time.
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